PGA Merchandise program for 2020 Nashville Golf Show

The Nashville Golf Show is presenting its first PGA Merchandise Area.  The special area will be well marked so attendees will want to visit and purchase merchandise.  Attendees are looking for bargains and you are looking to move seasonal merchandise.  

Here's how it works:

  • You bring your inventoried merchandise to the show on Thursday, February 13th after 2 pm, to the Nashville Fairgrounds Expo 3 that is clearly marked with the sale price.
  • We will have tables and racks in the PGA area, and within that area your merchandise will be placed in a designated section.  Rates for tables and chairs:

(4’ x 30”h unskirted - $20)    (6’x 30”h unskirted - $30)    (8’x 30”h unskirted - $40)

(4’ x 40”h unskirted - $30)    (6’x 40”h unskirted - $40)    (8’x 40”h unskirted - $50) 

Chairs - $10

  • You do not have to stay with your merchandise for the length of the show, here is how that works:
  • If you stay with your merchandise you will only pay for the rental of the table and racks
  • If you leave your merchandise, we will provide someone to attend your area and collect for merchandise sold.  A 10% fee will be applied for this. At the end of the show you will pick up your left over merchandise and we will turn over money for detailed sold items, minus 10%.  We require you to inventory your merchandise before and after the show.

This is a great way to move seasonal inventory to the public who are attending the show to buy your products.

Space is limited to approximately 150 square foot per PGA member and the number of areas is limited so act now to reserve your spot by emailing us or call 615-573-4738.